In Five Years Will You Just Be Five Years Older or…?

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  Abraham Lincoln 

When she was forty-six years old my wife decided to sit for the LSAT to see if she had it within her to attend law school and earn her J.D.  I had no doubts she would score well, and since she found her then work not challenging – well, why the hell not?!

What amazed us both was not the score she received on her exam, nor the offers from several schools to attend on scholarship, but the responses she got from friends and co-workers about her pursuit.  “You want to go to law school…why?”  This was the frequent refrain, which really seemed a way to hide the real question being asked – “ Aren’t you a little old for law school?”
To each iinquiry my wife gave what I thought was the perfect answer.  “I figure by the time I’m done, I’ll be fifty.  So I can be fifty, or I can be fifty with a law degree – either way I’m still going to be fifty!”

Isn’t that beautiful?  How many people do you know haven’t embarked on a meaningful journey because of their age?  Physical health is another matter, but a healthy “boomer” should never shy from pursuing an interest or passion because they think they’ve missed the chance to begin!

And this got me thinking…

What are the average ages of some interesting (to me anyway) careers that could be pursued, if one had the desire? 

Here is a list of some occupations and their average ages (U.S. workers) I found from various websites including The U.S. Census; several local labor unions and trade association web pages:

Occupation                                               Average Age (yrs)

Blogger in US                                                   44.6

Carpenter                                                         55

College football coach ( Div. I)                         47.8

Commercial Airline Pilot                                   51.6

Golf Pro (in Hawaii)                                          50

High School Teacher                                        43

Lawyer in the US                                              49

Real Estate Broker                                           56

The Rolling Stone band members                   61.6

Tug Boat Captain                                             50

US Congress (both houses)                            57.9

Winemaker                                                       47.8

Okay…the Rolling Stones have been together for about 45 years so maybe pursuing that particular dream is unattainable.  But I do have a good friend who plays in a band locally, and he’s got me by four years!

It took me more years than my wife to realize what I believe:  Life’s too short to go to an uninteresting job every day.  If you trudge to work when you could be skipping or running — start planning your exit now for an opportunity to employ your talents in a role that excites you! The only person in your way – is you!


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