We All Need a Little Inspiration Sometimes…

…and if you’re like me, you often find it in the most unusual of places…the internet.  But where do you start looking?  The internet is a vast and oft-times difficult swamp of misdirection to wade through.  Allow me introduce you to a good friend and former co-worker of mine, Cheryl Maloney.  Cheryl and her husband Jack host and maintain several internet sites where the sole focus is to promote positivism.  No one can tell their story as well as they do, so please take a visit to the Simple Steps Real Change blog to see what their vision is all about.

Okay…you’re back.  So, having spent several years mining the internet for evidence of positivism and uplifting Facebook pages, Cheryl and Jack have accumulated their findings into the “Inspirational Resource Compendium.”  It’s a free publication created to provide you with as many resources as they could gather including websites, blogs, internet radio stations, social media pages, Twitter and businesses… all of which focus on the positive aspects of life.  Attached is your free copy.

I encourage you to use this compendium as your guidebook to the positive side of the social networks.  Share it with others, make Simple Steps Real Change on Facebook a new LIKE, and help spread positive messages where you can.  Because really, there are far more positive people in the world than negative – we all just need to help them find their voices!

Until next time,  cheers!

Inspirational Resource Compendium – SPRING 2012


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