Some People Don’t Love All Their Children Equally

I haven’t written in a while. The days (months?) between my last post and this one make that the obvious statement of the new year! And while I’ve had the desire to write, I just haven’t felt all that passionate about a given topic on which to write:

pas·sion·ate /ˈpaSHənit/ Adjective
Showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief.
Showing or caused by intense feelings of sexual love.

ardent – fervent – hot – vehement – fiery – impassioned

Until today…

Why do so many “pet people” not seem to care about their animals?

Monday morning at three a.m., my wife and I are awakened from a sound sleep as a roaming coyote is trying to capture one of our neighbors cats – IN OUR BACKYARD! Ever hear he sound a coyote makes when homing in on it’s prey? Watch & listen:

This was pretty nerve-wracking to say the least. No one likes being awakened from sleep for any reason, but when it’s this racket, accompanied by the wails of a cat that is pretty damned frightened, and all the banging of the stacked lawn furniture I had up against the house (under which the cat was seeking refuge)…well I can tell you sleep did not return that morning!

Who to blame? The coyote? No. It was just looking for an easy meal, and many of our neighbors store their trash cans outside their homes. I’m also convinced that our housing development was once several acres of trees the coyote used to call “home.” I can’t blame the cat. She was doing what she does when put out for the night, looking for refuge in our backyard where I’ve created several dry and covered areas up against our home. A backyard that’s usually free of wild animals.

Urban Coyotes           urban coyote

No. This issue lies strictly at the feet of neighbors who routinely ignore all the reports and visual signs that coyotes have chosen our neighborhood for their very own midnight buffet. I understand the convenience of having your pets do “their business” outside. However, putting them out for the night is just plain cruel. Aside from it being winter, no pet should be the appetizer, main course or dessert for a hungry wild animal…period! But let’s say you do love your pet, but it won’t let you sleep unless it gets to spend the night outdoors? I know this is a possibility. Well, there are alternatives that will cost a little bit of time and money, but both you and your beloved feline/canine find the win/win:

domestic petsProtecting Your Pets

But what should you do if you fear your beloved pet has added a few pounds to the local roaming coyotes? After a reasonable period of mourning, let me recommend VERY HIGHLY that you adopt your next best friend from a local “no kill” animal shelter. Your local Human Society can help you select the perfect match to fill that void your feeling. Yes…even my neighbors deserve a second chance at being better pet parents.

Hey, Charlie and Donna, click here and welcome a new member to your family!

Seattle/King County Humane Society

Until next time…keep it relevant!