Retirement: Living abroad is a viable option!

Mrs. B and I are considering our retirement years; how we’ll spend them, who we’ll spend them with (aside from each other!) and where we’ll live; and whether our residency will be full- or part-time out-of-country. Owing to changing economic conditions in the USA (and its impact on our retirement accounts!), we started looking at options abroad to help “stretch our retirement dollar.”

When this idea of living outside the boundaries of America came to us we headed directly to the internet to find the answers to our most pressing question — “How do we begin to find credible information on becoming ex-pats?” What we discovered is yes, anything you want to know can be found on the Internet, and not everything printed on the Internet is true.  The challenge is knowing what to believe. So here are some examples of good resources that will get you started should you be embarking on your own search-similar path:

  • The U.S. State Department has a website dedicated to answering your most pressing questions about living abroad, like “Do I retain my US Constitutional rights,” “Can I still vote in U.S. elections?” and “Will my government continue to ensure my safety as an American abroad?”  Did you know the U.S. government encourages International travelers to register with them before going abroad so they can be more responsive to the travelers’ needs?  Check out the STEP Program at
  • Launch a Google(R) search beginning with “Expatriate in…” and the name of any foreign country or city that has your attention.
Isn't Google the best?!

Isn’t Google the best?!

  • Look for blogs from other expats, or people who thought they would expat and returned.  The tales and recommendation you’ll read from fellow coutrymen and women will be straight up, no bullshit, no attempt to lure you into their timeshare investment.  100 Blogs on Living Abroad
  • Visit the country or city of your desire and find people who have done just what you’re thinking about doing.  Nothing beats hearing it first-hand from someone who is experiencing the highs and low, and is available to answer the many questions you’re going to have.

run with the bulls

So…what are you waiting for?

Until next time, keep it relevant!