Gastric Bypass Surgery (on the horizon) – Stage II

In my prior post I announced my decision to undergo a gastric bypass (hereinafter GP) procedure call the Roux en-y. Since that time I’ve been accepted into “the program.”  Yes, there’s a program because I’m asking my insurance company to cover it.  Do they?  Mine does…but that is so rare.  And I just slid in under the wire with a body mass index (BMI) high enough I could be accepted. Why is BMI important? Your BMI is the best way for an insurance company to decide whether to accept or deny your request for GP coverage. Being heavy isn’t enough.  Take a person who weights 250 lbs for example, there’s a big difference between that weight on a 6’4″ frame and on a 5’10” frame:


This difference reflected is a much higher BMI for the 5’10” man.  At my current BMI, I’d need to be 7’10” tall to be height-weight proportional.  Alas I’m just a paltry 6’4″.

So the program requires I lose weight to be healthy enough for surgery. But here’s a trick the insurance company doesn’t come right out and tell you — lose enough weight that my BMI lowers to a number below the acceptance threshold and I can’t then get the surgery.  Tricky bastards!  So I agree to drop weight…just not so much I can’t get the procedure.

The program also requires a psychiatric evaluation.  Apparently insurance companies want people getting the surgery for all the right reasons.  Or that once the surgery is accomplished you’ll need the mental fortitude to stick with the strict post-procedure eating protocols. I told my wife that my plan is to march into that psych office and regale them with my plans of being the first billion-dollar print-model as a senior citizens with an eye toward some Hollywood agent seeing the next great gray-haired action hero. No?  You’re right…that might just tank the whole program.

I really think I have a great reason to get this surgery: Before she’d marry me my wife made me promise to outlive her.  This is my making good on my promise.

’til next time, keep it relevant!