Gastric bypass surgery update: Weight loss continues…

I think I recall lamenting the fact that I must lose weight before having weight-loss surgery. Yes, silly as that sounds they make a good argument – “we want you to be as healthy as possible for surgery.” What they (the insurance company paying the bill) won’t tell you is that if you lose enough weight, your BMI falls below the minimum required to qualify for bypass — and they deny the surgery.  Well, I don’t think that’s a risk with me.

My BMI? A whopping 37.8%…which is okay if you’re an offensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks, but not if you ride a desk all day!  And with a minimum BMI of 35% to qualify…I’ve only got 2″ of waist to spare. Two inches, that’s about one notch on my belt. For easy reference, here’s a BMI calculator  BMI Calculator for Adults

So this is my focus for another 30 days…lose weight, just don’t lose too much weight.

Until next time…keep it relevant!