A Leaner & Less Meaner Me!

Post-Surgery Update

When we last touched base I was still waiting for my much-desired gastric bypass surgery to find its way onto my surgeons calendar. Lo and behold — it did — and now I write this entry 3 weeks post-surgery and feeling exceptionally well! My surgery took place on Friday, May 22nd. I don’t recall much about the day, thanks to the use of general anesthetic, but I’m here to let you know that I have experienced very little post-surgery discomfort.  After two weeks laying low at home I’m back to work and re-energized.


Post-Surgery Diet

If you’ve never had to blend everything you planned on eating then this may be hard to understand, but that is certainly a necessity with any form of gastric surgery — gastric band, gastric sleeve, or full by-pass. The hardest thing to overcome is how everything you put in your trusty Ninja, be it vibrant green, red, yellow or whatever, becomes a sludgy gray-brown color once blended. I don’t recall my color wheel exercises from art class showing me that! Sipping everything you take in for the first four weeks post-surgery also become very boring. You quickly learn how much “eating” is attributed to the pleasure you gain from chewing things. I mean, these feelings start when we are children and putting everything we touch into our mouths.  It’s the tactile, emotional response to textures and sounds of chewing that I unmistakably miss right now!


The Payoff

Everyone you tell about having had gastric bypass surgery immediately goes to “weight loss,” as the reason. It’s natural, I get that. I was that way for years. But having learned a year ago that I could possibly eliminate my diabetes and reliance on medication to manage it — I was all for the procedure. Did it work? You bet!  I left the hospital after my two-night stay free from high-blood sugar levels and any dependence on my oral medications. As a bonus, I’m 20 lbs lighter after 2 weeks and steadily losing additional weight. I figure to be at my goal weight in about a year.

What’s next?

A marathon?  Learn how to surf?  Cycling? Who knows. All I know is that the opportunities again are as endless as my energy level!  Until next time…stay relevant!